Jason le

CHILL Learning Officer

I present shows and workshops to students across London and Luton through the CHILL study.

When did you start at Centre of the Cell?

January 2023

What is your favourite science fact?

When your mother is four months pregnant, the bone called the otic capsule is already adult sized in the baby! This bone is home to your cochlear (what allows us to hear sounds) and our inner ear canals (what allows us to keep our balance).

By using isotope analysis, this means that scientists can tell where your mother was and what they were eating when they were 4 months pregnant with you! Talk about your mother being in your ear all the time!

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I have held a piece of the moon.

Which part of the Centre of the Cell excited you the most?

Being part of a team that makes science accessible to a range of people across London and show it is not always done in labs! Science is everywhere you look, and I am excited to share it with the community.