Year 10 pupil at Mulberry School, Tower Hamlets, London

What rights do animals have?

“Animals have the right to live and breathe, just like humans do.”

Is it fair to kill animals to help humans?

“It’s not fair to kill animals just to help humans because humans wouldn’t kill another human to help animals. Animals are living organisms just like humans.”

Sometimes researchers suffer at the hands of animal rights activists. What is the morality of direct action to protect animals?

“I think it is right to protect animals but done in a civil way. I don’t think that because someone is doing their job by hurting an animal people should go around hurting humans in the same way. If people think it is wrong to hurt animals then they should know it is wrong to hurt people.”

Did you know?

Almost 3 million animals were used in scientific research in the UK in 2005.

Did you know?

Millions of people take medicines called statins to lower levels of cholesterol in their blood. This helps prevent heart attacks. Animals were essential to the discovery of statins.

Did you know?

The Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, 1986, tells researchers to use the smallest number of animals necessary, that alternative non-animal methods are preferable, and that distress to animals must be minimised.

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