New Show – The Neuron Show

We are excited to announce a brand new show, The Neuron Show, about how our bodies work – from head to toe.

This exciting new show is all about our nervous system, which stretches throughout our entire body and helps our brain tell our body what to do.

The Neuron Show will answer questions such as:

  • What cells make up our brain?
  • How do we form memories?
  • How does our nervous system work?
  • How do scientists study brain damage?

The show will be for Key Stage 4 and 5 school audiences, and will be available during the holidays as a family session for ages 11-14.

The show premiered with families during Summer 2021, and will be available soon for schools to book. If you have a school group who would like to help us in our testing phase, then please email to receive a free showing.


Who created this show?

All of Centre of the Cell’s shows are written and produced in-house, by our expert learning team and a network of Science Champions from Queen Mary University of London and elsewhere.

The Neuron Show was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic by Myfi and Dwayne, who are Acting Learning and Outreach Officers at Centre of the Cell. Myfi has 7 years of experience working in science communication and has previously written a workshop called Invasion! Infection and Immunity. Dwayne has 10 years of experience working in science communication and has worked on several shows such as War on the Wards, Careers in Science and Health, and The Genes and Evolution Show.