Radiation Revealed Workshops

Centre of the Cell is looking for young people (aged 13-20) who’ve experienced radiotherapy treatment and are willing to talk about their experience in a series of workshops this September (anyone under age 16 will require a consent form from their parents).

We are running the workshops in partnership with Cancer Research UK’s radiation research project, RadNet. The goal is to link up teenage patients with radiation researchers, allowing you to share your stories and connecting you to the research that underpins your treatment. The outcome of the workshops will be the design for a resource to help teenage patients and their families in the future.

Patient participants will attend a virtual 2-hour workshop each week for a month. The workshops will focus initially on the biology and physics of cancer and radiotherapy, and then lead to meeting other patients who may have had similar experiences before being introduced to some RADNET researchers and their work.

We are still recruiting, so if you fit this criteria and would like to use your experiences to help others, email info@centreofthecell.org.