British Science Week 2023 – Connections

British Science Week 2023 will take place from March 10th – 19th. We have come up with our very own offer to fit with the theme, ‘connections’. Connections are especially important between the neurons in your brain, so we have taken this as the perfect opportunity to launch our brand new Neuron Show.

See both our onsite and offsite offers below – book quick before spaces are all filled!


The Neuron Show (adapted version) + Microbe Detectives (KS2)

The Neuron Show (adapted version)  + CELLebration (KS3)

The Neuron Show + Invasion! Infection and Immunity (KS4)

£220 per class



The Neuron Show + The Boggling Brain (KS2 and 3)

The Neuron Show + Ingenious Genes (KS4)

£300 (for 2 shows) + travel