Picture of pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteriumSarah has been infected with this bacterium - Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Day 20-34: Spending time in hospital

The results from the microbiology laboratory show that Sarah is infected with a type of bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa and will need to have antibiotics that are specifically designed to kill Pseudomonas. Pseudomonas can now resist some of the antibiotics so scientists at QMUL are researching new antibiotics that work in a different way to help people like Sarah.

The antibiotic medicine is given to Sarah through an intravenous drip connected to her portacath, a special device in her chest that helps the nurses take blood samples and give her injections easily. Sarah doesn’t like having injections so a play specialist talks with her and makes her laugh while the nurse is putting the needle in.

Sarah will need to miss two weeks of school, but she knows that she doesn’t have to worry about falling behind as the hospital teacher gives Sarah and the other children in the ward school work to do during their stay.