Day 54: Summer holidays…

Sarah is back at home now and the summer holidays have started. Although Sarah enjoys the hot weather, it means that she has to take special care of herself. Because of her cystic fibrosis Sarah loses a lot of salt from her body when she sweats. She has to drink plenty of water and takes salt tablets to make sure she does not get too dehydrated.

When Sarah goes back to school in September she will be starting secondary school. She is worried about what the other children will say about her cystic fibrosis. She talks to her mum and the clinical nurse specialist. The clinical nurse specialist asks Sarah if she would like her to visit her new school and give a talk to her class about cystic fibrosis. When she is there she can also talk to Sarah’s teachers. Sarah says that she thinks that is a good idea, and although she is still a bit nervous she feels better about it all.

Picture of a summer skySummer holidays.