Picture of a chest x-rayChest x-ray.

Day 96: Annual review

It’s time for Sarah to have another check-up at the hospital. Instead of her normal two month check-up she is having her annual review, which is an extra-thorough check-up she has once a year.

Sarah has all the tests that she normally has during her check-ups, but this time she sees the physiotherapist for much longer. She demonstrates how she usually does her exercises everyday. The physiotherapist examines her to see if she needs any new specialised physiotherapy exercises, and looks at her posture.

The lung function technician gives her an extra-thorough lung function test. She also goes to see the radiographer who takes an x-ray of her chest so that the check-up team can look at a picture of her lungs to see if they are healthy.

The team also want to check that her liver is healthy, so the ultrasound technician takes an ultrasound image of her liver. The outpatient nurse takes a blood sample from Sarah; the play specialist knows to distract Sarah while she is doing this as Sarah is still scared of needles! Samples of Sarah’s blood will be sent to different laboratories in the hospital so that it can be tested to check for any problems.