Week 1: Going to see the GP

Matt and Lindsay have been trying for a baby for over a year and have not been able to conceive. They decide to see their GP to see if she can help to find out if there is a reason why they are having problems.

The GP asks them some questions about their lifestyle, as this could be a reason why they have not conceived. Both Matt and Lindsay have healthy lifestyles: they eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and are both a healthy weight, do not smoke, and drink alcohol moderately. This means their lifestyle cannot be causing their infertility.

The GP takes a blood sample from Lindsay – this will be sent to the local laboratory to check her hormone levels and also to test for rubella. The GP and Lindsay work out that Lindsay is on day 2 of her menstrual cycle (the second day of her period).

The GP also asks Matt to provide a semen sample to be sent to the local laboratory to check that there is not a problem with his sperm. She asks Lindsay to come back on day 21 of her menstrual cycle for another blood test and for a smear test.