Picture of an egg being wafted down the fallopian tube by the cells lining the tubeLindsay has blocked fallopian tubes so it is very difficult for an egg to travel down to her uterus.

Week 16: Review consultation at the clinic

Matt and Lindsay go back to the Centre to have a review consultation during which they will find out the results of their tests. They talk to the gynaecologist and nurse co-ordinator; the hysterosalpingogram shows that Lindsay’s fallopian tubes are blocked. This is the reason that she has been unable to get pregnant: if the fallopian tubes are blocked it can be very difficult for the egg to be fertilised or travel to the uterus.

Matt and Lindsay are advised that if they want to receive fertility treatment their best option would be in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Whether to use IVF treatment is a huge decision for Matt and Lindsay to take. After they see the gynaecologist they have an appointment with the matron nurse-manager, who talks to them about IVF and gives them written information about the process for them to read and discuss at home.