Trials Assistant

Benjamin, a Trials Assistant, makes sure that the administration of a clinical trial runs smoothly. “My main roles are helping both the Data Managers and the Trial Managers,” he says. “I handle all the post, and filing, and the data entry, anything to help with the administrative side of the trial.”

Data entry takes up most of Benjamin’s working day. “The data entry’s interesting, because you can see how long the patient’s been on the trial and how well they’re doing,” he explains. He also helps to organise patient randomisation into the trials in the Clincial Trials Unit (CTU).

One of the most important jobs that Trials Assistants do is looking out for Serious Adverse Event forms, and notifying the Trial Manager of these, so that action can be taken if required.

Benjamin does not have a medical or scientific background, but he became involved with clinical trials after hearing about the work from his brother, who also works in the CTU. Many Trials Assistants learn on the job and progress to become Data Managers.

“If you’re enthusiastic, then it’s something that you should look into. I feel like I’m helping in a way… it’s good job satisfaction to know that you’re helping the cause.”

Photo of Benjamin Sydes, Trials AssistantBenjamin Sydes, Trials Assistant