Designed for the job

This activity is based on the popular television quiz show ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ and is designed to encourage students to consider the many different structures and functions of the cells in their bodies.

Curriculum links

KS3 Science – Sc2 1a) 1c) 1e)

Time scale

20-25 minutes

Learning objectives

This activity would work best as a post-visit activity to the Centre of the Cell exhibition or website section ‘Designed for the job’. It covers the following learning objectives:

  • We have many different types of cell in our bodies. They are different because they do different jobs.
  • Cells form tissues and tissues form organs.
  • Different types of cell have different life spans.

Materials needed

All of the materials needed are provided in the PDF of this lesson plan (link at the top of this page) except for the following:

Small prize for winning team (optional!)