The Neuron Show

  • Activity type – Show
  • Duration – 60 minutes
  • Suitable for – Years 10 to 13
  • Maximum group size if delivered in a school – 120
  • Maximum group size if delivered at Centre of the Cell (QMUL campus) – 45 + up to 5 adults

This show is all about our nervous system, which stretches throughout our entire body and helps our brain tell our body what to do. What cells make up our brain? How do we form memories? How does our nervous system work? How do scientists study brain damage?

Developed across 2020/2021 this show aims to not only educate about the brain, nerve cells and the physical science associated but to also look into more facets of the human mind and experience. This show will also be adapted and available during the holidays as a family session for ages 7-14.

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