All About Cells

Picture of a group of cells working together. The cells are dyed colours to show their different parts.

Cells are the building units of your body. Cells are so tiny you can't see them with your eyes and there are so many in your body you can't count them. Cells work together to make you think, move, talk, laugh and be you.

Picture of an egg surrounded by sperm

One cell made you

You started life as a single cell, smaller than the dot at the end of this sentence.

Picture of neurons in the brain reaching out to communicate with other neurons

Designed for the job

Your cells are specially adapted to do thousands of different jobs.

Picture of cartilage cell with its insides, its organelles, showing

Life inside your cells

Cells have complicated insides that are busy keeping you alive.

Picture of a dead cell

Life and death of cells

You grow by your cells multiplying but your cells die and are replaced all the time.

Picture of a scientist looking down a light microscope

Small but many

Cells are so small that you need a microscope to see them. You are made of around 50 to 100 million million cells.