Support us

Centre of the Cell relies on external support to maintain and enhance its activities. There are a number of ways in which companies, charities and individuals can support Centre of the Cell’s work.

Get in touch on if you are interested in funding our work and would like more information.

Subsidise shows and workshops for our schools

We keep our prices low to make sure the Centre is accessible to all. This requires core funding to pay for our Explainers and bookings team. We welcome donations of any amount to ensure we can continue offering shows to the young people who need it most.

Youth Membership Scheme

Our Youth Membership Scheme (YMS) is the clearest means by which we can positively influence the lives of young people and support their career and study plans. We have an active and engaged YMS, offering 14-19 year olds a range of activities designed to help kickstart a life in STEM subjects.

The scheme has 500 members aged (100 of them actively involved in our events and support year-on-year) and offers:

  • Work experience opportunities
  • Volunteering opportunities during school holidays
  • Careers advice workshops, study support and revision sessions
  • Opportunities to take part in youth forums
  • A week-long intensive Summer School
  • Big Question lectures
  • Online content about science and health careers and Higher Education

Website and online resource refresh

The Centre of the Cell website is a hub of online content to support science learning. We’ve got online games, school resources, activities for parents to do at home, and an extensive series of blogs covering various scientific and science-career topics. It is also the main way that schools and families find out about the Centre and book their visits.

Many of the games need redeveloping to work without the decommissioned Flash player, and the website needs redesigning to be easier to navigate and better fit for purpose.

Support our core running costs

Centre of the Cell seeks support from individuals and organisations looking to provide core funding to cover costs to enable us to achieve a balance of stability, continuity and flexibility. This will support core operations including bookings management, website development and maintenance, strategy development, STEM and Neuron Pod maintenance, and overhead costs.