Cells make tissue make organs

Making organs

Cells group together in tissues. The cells in each tissue are usually all the same type.

Organs are made of many different types of tissue joined together.

Your largest organ is your skin. It has different tissues that work together to do the jobs of the skin - to protect your insides, to feel things and to keep you from becoming too hot or cold.

Tissues that make up your skin

Picture of skin cells

The top layer of your skin is made of keratinocytes lined up in rows to protect your body.

Picture of a hair follicle

The hair follicle is a tissue that is made of epithelial cells that multiply to make a hair. All the hairs on your body grow from a hair follicle. Hair follicles work with muscle tissue to make your hairs stand on end when you are cold.

Picture of sweat glands

The sweat gland is a tissue made of cells which secrete sweat. You have these over all your skin. Sweating keeps you cool when it is warm.

You also have Meissner's corpuscles which are tissues which sense light touch on your skin. You have more of these in the skin covering your fingertips, lips and other sensitive places.