Invasion! Infection and Immunity


  • Activity type – workshop
  • Duration – 60 to 120 minutes depending on module selection
  • Suitable for Yeear 12 & Year 13
  • Maximum group size – 35

Take a tour of the immune system in our ‘Invasion! Infection and Immunity’ workshop. You’ll discover how pathogens invade your body, find out the difference between bacteria and viruses, learn how your body defends itself and take part in an immune system obstacle course!

Aimed to make immunology easy and enjoyable, this workshop will cover the essential aspects of AQA, OCR and Edexcel syllabuses.

The core ‘Invasion! Infection and Immunity’ workshop runs for 60 minutes and covers Pathogens & The Immune Response.

The following 20-minute modules can be added to the workshop at an extra cost:

1. Vaccination (£25 extra)

2. Allergy (£25 extra)

3. Antibiotic Resistance (£25 extra)

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