Cell Trumps!

Picture of Cell Trumps

'Cell Trumps' is based on the Winning Moves 'Top Trumps' card game. It has also been adapted for one of the interactive games in the Centre of the Cell science centre.

The rules for the game are the same as for the Top Trumps game. Details instructions can be found on one of the cards, but in essence the aim is to win all of the cards by picking the category with the highest score.

Each card features a different type of cell and has details of how that cell 'scores' in various categories, including size, number in the body, and number of functions. The game is therefore useful for teaching about the multiplicity of cell types and the relationship between cell structure and function, as well as revising specific cell types (such as looking at neurons in Year 10).

Curriculum links:

  • KS3: 3.3 Organisms, Behaviour and Health. Units on cell structure and function.
  • KS4: units on cells, health, disease and neuronal systems (specific units vary with curricula)

4.00 per pack, 15.00 for five packs or 82.50 for a class pack, which comes with teaching resources.

Discount available for bulk purchases - please email Centre of the Cell for details:

All proceeds to go to Centre of the Cell charity.

How you can buy Cell Trumps:

By calling or emailing our administrator on info@centreofthecell.org or 020 7882 2562.

By visiting our online shop:

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