Cancer: Damaged genes

Picture of cancer cells

Cancer makes a lot of people ill, but many will recover and live normal lives. Scientists at QMUL and at other laboratories around the world are working on ways of preventing cancer, spotting cancer at early stages, understanding more about the disease and finding new medicines to treat patients.

Picture of cells

What is cancer?

Cancer happens when genes are damaged. Cells with damaged genes are out of control

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Cancer in your life

In Britain more than one in three people will get cancer at some time in their lives.

Picture of cancer cell moving

Growing and moving

Scientists at QMUL are studying how and why cancer cells grow and move around the body.

Picture of detecting cancer using chemicals


Scientists at QMUL are using the slight differences between normal cells and cancer cells as a guide to detecting cancer.

Picture of HPV


Scientists at QMUL are identifying what causes cancer so they can help people protect themselves from cancer.

Picture of a cancer surgeon


Scientists at QMUL and around the world are trying many different approaches for removing or killing cancer cells.