Youth Membership Scheme

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What is the Youth Membership Scheme

Centre of the Cell’s Youth Membership Scheme (YMS) is open to all young people aged 14 – 19. Through the YMS we offer a range of activities and opportunities for young people interested in a career in science and healthcare. All activities are completely free of charge.

The scheme usually includes the following programme of activities and events:


Work Experience

Our work experience is focused around the skills required for science communication but can also be extremely useful for anyone interested in a healthcare/STEM related career. We currently run two types of work experience – virtual and in-person. There is crossover between the two types, so it is advisable to only take part in one of them.


Both virtual and in-person placements will offer plenty of activities to develop transferable skills. For example, you will be given the chance to interview a medical/dental student and/or a scientist, gaining an insight into their career while developing your communication skills. Another of our popular activities is the chance to design an online science game, developing research and presentation skills.


To find out more about our work experience, email

Please note that our work experience does not include any lab work.


In-person Work Experience

Week long placements during term time. These placements will take place during the school day (10am-3pm) so permission will be required from the school. This placement includes supporting with the delivery of our school events, learning how a science centre runs behind the scenes.


Virtual Work Experience

Our virtual work experience runs during February Half Term and the Summer holidays. This placement is only 4 days long, from 10am-3pm. This work experience incorporates a mixture of video calls, and independent work where you will be sent the activity through email. In this work experience you are able to organise your time, helping you to develop independence and time management skills.



Volunteers help us during the school holidays, when we run events for families. You’ll help our visitors get the most out of their experience, and help our staff with practical tasks.


Advice & Mentoring

We run advice and mentoring sessions for science and health careers throughout the year. These include careers workshops, where you can meet scientists working at Queen Mary University of London and medical or dental students studying at Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry. We also run advice sessions to help you with university applications for medicine, dentistry, and other science-related university courses. Over the Easter holidays we run biology revision sessions to help you prepare for exams.


Summer School

The Centre of the Cell Summer School for up to sixteen Year 12 students takes place during the summer holidays, and involves a week packed full of activities which provide first-hand experience of science and health-related careers, such as laboratory work and clinical skills workshops. The Summer School is the only YMS activity with a competitive application process.

Dates and information for future Summer Schools are to be confirmed.


Big Question Lectures

Twice a year we host a Big Question lecture, a talk aimed at our Youth Members and delivered by a leading scientist on campus at Barts and the London School of Medicine & Dentistry. Members can bring friends and family to hear about ground-breaking research happening here in London, and to ask our speaker about their work. Previous Big Questions have included: “The Great Plague: How have autopsies transformed our understanding of disease?” and “Will Robots Replace Surgeons?”

You can watch some of our previous lectures here.


Special Projects

Occasionally we are able to offer a small group of Youth Members the opportunity to work on a long-term project. Previous projects included the Sores, Spores & Sickly Bugs project, where Youth Members visited archives and researched the history of medical treatment in East London, and used their research to develop and deliver activities to families. You can find out more about this project here.


Youth Forum

The Youth Forum provides unique opportunities for Members to help with Centre of the Cell projects and have a direct influence on our work. Past meetings have included:

  • Working with us to develop upcoming Big Question lectures.
  • Testing new educational content.
  • Judging a social media competition.


Our activities and opportunities are available free of charge, but on a first-come, first-served basis (except for the Summer School), and only to Youth Members. To enrol, please complete and return a contact and monitoring form, which can be downloaded here.

Youth Members are encouraged to demonstrate their interest and motivation by enrolling themselves and maintaining their own bookings for events.

If you have any enquiries about our Youth Membership Scheme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at