Why did I join the YMS?

YMS Member Osa

I joined the Youth Membership Scheme because like some of you I loved science- I still do! Although my secondary school pushed me and fed my desire for science, there was only so much that could be done in a 50 minute classroom lesson. So when on a school trip and visiting Center of the Cell, and the opportunity arose to be apart of YMS, I practically jumped at it.

Being apart of YMS has allowed me to further grow and concrete my love for science, especially that in biology. Designing a biology based game last year while on the YMS Summer School is definitely one of my best experiences I’ve been fortunate to take part in while at YMS.

Joining the Steering Group for the YMS has been the best decision I’ve made after joining YMS. This year has allowed me to have my ideas, concerns and passions heard. I have never been more seen and heard than in this team.

The YMS Steering Group is where all the action and idea making happens. If you want to make a further impact to the YMS and be a part of a team with common interests and goals then join the Steeting Team. We would love to have you!

Cartoon of scientists