Science Show Challenges

War on the Wards

Age: 7-12

This challenge is all about medical history. Find out what should be inside a standard first aid kit and whether it would have been used during WWI. Download the ‘War in the Wards’ challenge here.

Ingenious Genes

Ingenious Genes

Age: 11-16

Based on our show all about genetics, we are challenging you to a taste test! Learn about how genes influence taste, and investigate your ability to taste bitter flavours. Download the ‘Ingenious Genes’ challenge here.

Invasion! Infection and Immunity

Age: 14-18

Our ‘Invasion! Infection and Immunity’ workshop covers different aspects of immunology such as the immune system and vaccinations. Take on this challenge  to create your own comic about the immune system. Don’t forget to share them with us on social media! Download the Invasion! Infection and Immunity challenge here.

The Genes & Evolution Show

The Genes and Evolution Show

Age: 7-12

In this challenge, learn all about genes and explore genetic traits in your own family. Download the ‘Genes & Evolution Show’ challenge here.

Sophie’s Sensational Holiday

Sophie on the beach

Age: 5-8

In ‘Sophie’s Sensational Holiday’ we explore how we use our senses and what we might find through them on the beach. Take on this challenge to make your own smell pots and see if your family and friends can work out what they are! Download the Sophie’s Sensational Holiday challenge here.

Children’s Health in London and Luton (CHILL)

Age: 12-16

The CHILL study is looking into how pollution is affecting children’s health, you find out more about the study here. Take on this challenge to learn about carbon monoxide monitors and create your own living wall. Please note this challenge file is larger than our others and has had to be uploaded as a single image, which may require the zoom function to be viewed correctly. Download the challenge here.

A Mummy for Melissa

A Mummy for Melissa

Age: 5+

In ‘A Mummy for Melissa’, Melissa can’t find her mummy! She goes on a journey and learns all about her cells and DNA, and how she is a mixture of both her mummy and daddy. Take on this challenge to draw your own monster families. Download the A Mummy for Melissa challenge here.

Muscling In

Muscling In

Age: 7-11

‘Muscling In’ is a show all about our muscles and skeleton. Take on this challenge to learn about your joints and whether you need them. Download the Muscling In challenge here.

Snot, Sick and Scabs

Age: 7-11

‘Snot, Sick and Scabs’ is a show all about how our body defends itself from pathogens. Take on this challenge to learn all about your scabs and the different components that make them up. Download the Snot, Sick and Scabs challenge here.

Trauma 999

Age: 15+

‘Trauma 999’ is all about what we need to do in an emergency situation. Take on this challenge to learn how to put people into the recovery position. Download the Trauma 999 challenge here.

Microbe Detective

Picture of bacteria

Age: 7-12

Our ‘Microbe Detective’ workshop is all about different types of microorganism and the information we need to identify them. Take on this challenge to find out about microorganisms. Download the Microbe Detective challenge here.


CELLebration title

Age: 10-14

In our ‘CELLebration’ we learn all about the building blocks of life, cells. In this challenge we are asking you to build your own cells out of items you can find in your house. Download the CELLebration challenge here.

Gut Feeling

Age: 10-15

In our ‘Gut Feeling’ show we take you on a journey through the digestive system, so we are challenging you to find out how chemicals in our body break down our food! Download the Gut Feeling challenge here.

Careers in Science and Health 

Scientist cartoon

All Ages

Our ‘Careers in Science and Health’ workshop is designed to help you think about different careers and what skills they may require. Take on this challenge to learn more about different careers. Download this weeks challenge activity sheet here.


Picture of teeth model and toothbrush

Age: 7+

In our ‘Teethtastic’ show we learn all about what teeth are, what they’re for, and how to keep them healthy. Take on our ‘Teethtastic’ challenge and conduct an experiment to see whether it’s really worth brushing your teeth. Download the Teethtastic challenge here.

In a Heartbeat

Age: 7-11

This Challenge is based on our show all about the circulatory system. Learn how to find your pulse and your heart rate, then carry out your own experiment to find out what happens to your heart rate when you exercise. Download the ‘In a Heartbeat’ challenge here.