STEM Pod Challenges

All of these activities are designed for ages 7-10 years.

The Skin

In this challenge learn about why skin can be different colours and get creative in our skin challenge. Download ‘The Skin’ challenge here.

The Kidneys

In this challenge find out how your kidneys filter your blood to make urine and take on an experiment to see how this works. Download ‘The Kidneys’ challenge here.

The Small Intestine

In this challenge learn about how your small intestine works and about how it is so long it can feel like a maze. Download ‘The Small Intestine’ challenge here.

The Liver

In this challenge learn what the function of your liver is and how it removes toxins from your blood. Download ‘The Liver’ challenge here.

The Lungs

In this challenge learn about your lungs and asthma. You can even find out how much air you can fit into your lungs. Download ‘The Lungs’ activity here.

The Heart

Learn how your heart works and make your own stethoscope at home with this challenge. Download ‘The Heart’ challenge here.

The Brain

Test your memory in this challenge and learn about the different parts of the brain. Download ‘The Brain’ challenge here.