Family Trail

This trail was created by a team of young people aged 14-18 to share their research into WW1 local medical history.

They delved into the Royal London Hospital Museum and Archives and the Science Museum Archives and conducted field studies while researching the key locations, people and medical innovations that have shaped the Whitechapel we know today.

The content of the trails, including the trail information as well as the facts, quizzes and activities was written by the young participants.

They then worked with Pony Ltd who created the graphic design of the trail.

Now you can explore the WW1 medical history of Whitechapel. Try your hand at finding facts, completing quizzes and drawing your ideas to discover Whitechapel’s wartime history.

Download here or pick up a free copy from the Centre of the Cell, Royal London Hospital Museum or Whitechapel Idea Store.

Young people researching at the Science Museum Archives    Young people working with graphic designers    Young people researching at the Science Museum Archives    Young people researching trail