Is the air we breathe our hidden enemy?

Centre of the Cell’s Big Question Lectures are brought to you by top scientists at Queen Mary, in partnership with Centre of the Cell and co-created with young people from our Youth Membership Scheme. They give audiences from age 14 the chance to hear from leaders in science and healthcare about the cutting-edge biology and innovative front-line medicine going on right here in east London.

Ever wondered what the impact of air pollution is on growing lungs? Or what you can do to improve your lung health? Dr Abigail Whitehouse will explore these questions and more.

Dr Abigail Whitehouse studied Medicine at the University of Manchester graduating in 2008, working initially in Greater Manchester as a foundation doctor and then moving to London for her paediatrics training in 2010. She then went on to receive her PhD in Paediatrics on the mechanisms behind air pollution’s health effects in children and is currently a researcher and NIHR clinical lecturer at Queen Mary.

Dr Whitehouse is researching ways to reduce wheezing and asthma in young children and continuing her work on air pollution. Additionally, she works with community, charity groups and primary care projects to reduce the impacts or air pollution exposure. This is done through education and knowledge sharing to raise awareness or direct personal and group level interventions to reduce exposure levels.