Invasion! Infection and Immunity


  • Activity type – workshop
  • Duration – 60 minutes
  • Suitable for Year 10 – Year 13
  • Maximum group size: 35

Immunology is the study of the immune system, the complex system of structures and processes that has evolved to protect us from disease, and is a key part of medical and biological science. Immunology looks at our body’s defences against disease, and what happens when those systems are disrupted.

Students will explore core concepts in the field of Immunology in this interactive workshop.

 Immunology workshop participants learning about herd immunity    Immunology workshop participant learning about monoclonal antibodies    Centre of the Cell Explainer with a giant antibody model

Discover how we can treat cancer using immunotherapy, and how antibiotics become resistant; put your knowledge to the test in our quiz, and meet an immunologist.

The workshop consists of five stations, through which the students move over the course of the session. The Immunologist is a Queen Mary University of London scientist and outreach volunteer, based here at the Blizard Institute.

To ensure that every session features a visiting immunologist this workshop is only available for bookings on-site at the Blizard Institute in Whitechapel.

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