Pre-visit activities

Here you will find links to PDFs of our pre-visit activities, designed to help you prepare your class for their trip to Centre of the Cell.

If you have any queries or comments relating to these activities, please contact us on or 020 7882 2562.

Introducing the Games

Please note that the games are not currently available due to the Flash player end of life. We are seeking funding to renew them. Join the newsletter to hear when they relaunch.

Some of the games visitors will use during a Centre of the Cell visit are available here on this website, and can be used on an interactive whiteboard. Playing one or two of them in the classroom before the visit will ensure there are some familiar sights in the Pod. This will also introduce visitors to the way the games work.

This document also explains some of the science behind the more complicated games. However, most of the games in Centre of the Cell are self-explanatory and are not described here in favour of letting visitors explore them for themselves.

Click here to download the PDF.

Debating the Issues

In this activity, students debate issues around science. These can be ethical issues raised by science, or misconceptions about science itself.

Click here to download the PDF.

Science in Context

This activity encourages pupils to think about science in a wider context than just their school lessons. They will think about the contribution of science to society, and the distinctions (of lack of them) between the different disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics and computer science.

Much of the content of Centre of the Cell aims to place science into a realistic context for visitors. Prepare them for this by asking them to explore their current ideas about science. This will encourage them to think about what they see in the Pod.

This activity, combined with a visit to Centre of the Cell, will also help pupils consider the many careers available in biomedical science, other than just ‘doctor’ or ‘nurse’.

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Designing the Interactives

This cross-curricular activity focuses on the games themselves, in particular the process of designing and building them. It covers aspects of Computer Science, Media Studies and English.

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